It’s Sunday and I’m going to make a start.  Although I have the six chapters I wrote two years ago I intend to change them so much it feels like I’m faced with a blank page.

In my original draft my main protagonist – Jenny had three friends. The book I studied about writing a novel suggested I would get on better if I got to know all my characters. As a result of this piece of wisdom I have three friends I know very well. I know what they look like, whether they are married or single, the ages, the way they speak and their mannerisms. It’s going to be hard to lose two of them but I’ll keep them for a later novel. There’s confidence for you.

Write about things you know. Isn’t that the mantra?  Well I don’t ‘know’ a lot of big stuff.  I don’t have an interesting job. I do clerical work in an office – nothing exciting here although there are certainly some characters that I can draw on. I live an average life in an average house. We don’t go out much because we prefer to stay at home. We don’t have many close friends or a big family. I love music and particularly Bruce Springsteen. Mike and I go to several gigs each tour. I was keen to include his music in the book but my references seem a little forced. I think I am perhaps trying too hard to get Springsteen defences in so he might be going.

So I think it’s more about the little things that I know. I know about having hair that goes frizzy in the rain. I know how to cook chilli con carne. I know what it’s like to own a cat, ride a horse, paint a watercolour, catch a bus. All these small things can be brought in to my book to round out the characters.

So here goes chapter one.