A very long time actually. Just over three years. Yes! that’s three years since I’ve seriously thought about writing a novel.  There’s no doubt that I love writing but I also love crafting and for a while I decided to concentrate on that. I have such a lot I want to cram into my days and I have to work full time as well.

Anyway I suddenly got the urge to try my hand at writing again. I was going to start from scratch but I’ve just read an article in Writing Magazine by Mark Billingham. He says you should finish what you are writing even if you think it’s terrible. So I plugged in the memory stick and started to read.

I see from my last blog that I hated my first chapter. Reading it again years later I think there are good bits in it.

It’s true I have rambled a bit. The descriptive passages are useful for me. They help me set the scene in my head but they aren’t key to the story for the reader.

I’ve made life very complicated for myself by giving my main protagonist three fully drawn friends and quite a detailed back story. I need to cull the back story a lot and take out the detail about two of the friends.

There’s too much dialogue. Although I say so myself, I think I write very natural dialogue but I’ve relied on this too much to tell the story. I need to balance the dialogue with more narrative and action.

It looks like my 8000 words will be nearer 4000 by the time I’ve finished but the whole thing will be better for it.

Along with the book I’m going to start this diary again.  I’m not too concerned about the writing style here. I could get so hung up on the blog that I never get time to do any work on the book itself. These musings are really for me to look back on if I ever get to the end of the novel. It will be interesting to see how I felt at any one time in the process.

So I’m off to cross out half of my original draft!