Being in between craft projects – Bruce Springsteen doll finished and pink teddy not yet started – I decided to have a go at the novel.

It must be at least six weeks since I looked at it but in the mean time I have read a lot and I mean a LOT about writing.  I’ve also read two or three novels and finished a short story.

So I sat at the computer to continue with chapter eight and I couldn’t help myself – I just had to read chapter one … and … it’s awful!

At the beginning of this process I quickly decided on the location of my story.  It’s based around a little park in Leeds which I love and I think I got a bit too hung up with creating the atmosphere. I’ve opened with a line of dialogue and followed up with a long winded description of the cafe in which my two characters are sitting. Not good for moving the story along.  My reader will give up before the end of  the first page.

Most of the advice I’ve read recently says you need to get your reader to keep turning the pages.  I must admit that I love a good page turner myself and don’t like getting bogged down in details.  So, I ask myself, why am I writing a book that I wouldn’t read?

Anyway I’m going to try to move on with the story and leave the early chapters alone for now.

Onward and upward.