At the start of this year – about January 4th I think – I started a diet.  I have always struggled with my weight primarily because I like to eat and I like to eat all the wrong things.

I was a skinny kid but started to put on weight when I was about 13 or 14.  At my largest I was squeezing into size 16 clothes.  Throughout my adult life I have never been bigger than a size 14 and at my smallest I can comfortably buy size 10 trousers.

Anyway over the past two years my weight had crept up until most of my size 12 clothes were too tight for me and I was determined to do something about it.  I set myself a target of a pound a week so that by Easter I would have lost a stone.  My reward was to be a bag (or two) of Cadburys mini eggs.

Those of you who have ever tried to diet will know that sometimes your will power is non existent and other times you can be really focussed.

Well I was in the zone. I lived mostly on chicken and fish and kept to 1200 calories a day plus any extra gained by taking exercise.  A minutes jogging uses up about 10 calories so a digestive biscuit = an 8 minute run.

I did it!  By Easter I had lost 15 pounds but… disaster I couldn’t find any mini eggs.

I’ve been a bit lax for the last two weeks and despite my success I still have a particular pair of jeans that are a touch too tight.

So I’ll get back on the straight and narrow next week but in the mean time I’ve found the elusive mini eggs.