My Novel isn’t going too well at the moment.  Well that’s a lie – it’s not going at all but I think about it all the time.
You see writing isn’t my only hobby.  I like to make cards.  I do a bit of knitting from time to time. Used to do cross stitch but that’s fallen by the way side as have the Christmas tree baubles which I made and sold for many years.  I went through a handbag making phase – that proved too difficult.  I have two guitars hanging on the wall to remind me I haven’t practiced for weeks and still haven’t mastered the barre chord.
At the moment I am making fabric dolls and when I have finished this one I am going to start on a fabric teddy bear for my granddaughter Gabrielle.  I made Stuffy Bear years ago.
Gabrielle’s will be all pink and girly of course.
But whilst I am doing all these other things I am thinking about my novel.
The other week I discovered Writing Magazine.  I’ve found it really interesting, packed with advice about every aspect of writing and publishing and full of reading.  Previous writing magazines I have tried were a bit short on content.
The trouble with advice is that it is always conflicting.  So last month in an interview with a published author she advises never starting on the next chapter until you are entirely satisfied with the one you are working on.  This means you might write and rewrite a chapter several times before moving on.
This month in a similar interview with a different author he recommends writing your book from beginning to end before starting to edit at all.  I can see his logic. He points out that once you have reached the end, even if you have to rewrite a lot of it, you have at least finished the story.
At the moment I seem to be caught between two stools.  I am on chapter eight and this is how it goes.  Hmmm I think I’ll work on my book for a couple of hours: just better read what I have done so far: chapter one – don’t like that I’ll just tweek it: chapter two – might just change those two paragraphs round: chapter three – I’ll just take out that sentence: chapter four … and so on and so on.  Before I know it two hours have gone by and I haven’t made any actual progress.
So I think from now on I’m just going to power on with the story and edit at the end.  I’ll let you know how I get on!
In the mean time I have found time to write my first short story which I am going to enter in the Writing Magazine‘s competition.  I’ll let you know how I get on with that too.