So today we had a family get together.  It’s our annual curry day.  You might think that this means we also have an annual barbecue day and an annual fondue party etc but you would be wrong.  Our annual curry day is in fact the one and only day in the year that all the family get together at ours.  It’s a curry day because we have it to commemorate MIke’s dad’s birthday and his favourite meal was chicken korma.

In my perfect world I imagine a warm sunny day, long trestle table on the patio with happy smiling people around helping themselves to good food and fine wine. The sort of thing you see people doing in rural France or Italy. In this scene I have a perfectly clean and tidy house and I am relaxed and in control.

I would actually love to be this person of my dreams – the  person who enjoys having loads of friends and relatives round weekend after weekend for dinner parties or drinks. The truth is I don’t really look forward to it.  I get stressed about it.  Don’t get me wrong once it’s underway I have a thoroughly good time but I wish I was the sort of person who naturally welcomes a house full. I’m really envious of those women who have an open house all the time.

Anyway it was a sunny day but a bit chilly in the wind. Everyone ate and drank and so far no one has rung to say they have been poisoned.

They have all gone home now and it’s back to the two of us.  Think we’ll have a quiet night in front of the TV.