I can’t make up my mind whether I like gardening or not.  I think, if I didn’t have so many other things to fill my spare time, I might quite enjoy it.  I used to watch Gardeners World avidly and my love of makeover programmes meant I couldn’t miss Ground Force. There are some Ground Force episodes I can watch again and again – they repeat them endlessly on one of the Sky channels.

Our house was brand new when we moved in so the garden was a blank canvas.  At the time I wanted to fill it with evergreen shrubs and conifers and for some reason (perhaps it was garden fashion at the time) I had an aversion to brightly coloured flowers.  The upshot of this is that it looks pretty good in the winter with lots of berries and dark green foliage, not bad in the spring when some of the bushes produce white flowers but pretty boring during the summer.

I have pots but rarely enough money to spend at the garden centre to make them really spectacular.  We tried growing from seed in the conservatory one year but I don’t have the commitment or the patience.

Our big success was the garden pond which we dug out ourselves and I am really quite proud of.  This is another by product of watching too many gardening programmes.  Charlie Dimmock has a lot to answer for!

Anyway the good weather and a week off work has meant that all the beds have been weeded and I scattered a box of mixed annuals (only £2.00 so worth a try) amongst some rocks. I can’t really call it a rockery. I wasn’t hopeful. I’ve tried this sort of thing before and never managed to grow anything but I followed the instructions and I’ve watered diligently since.

Today I think we have plants!  They could be weeds of course.  Difficult to say at this stage but I live in hope.