Well the nuptials haven’t exactly passed me by but I haven’t got caught up in the hype either.

I’m not a wedding junkie but I know lots of women who just love the excuse to wear a hat and have a good cry.  When I was a kid there were girls in our village who would go to the local church with their mothers on a Saturday to spot the bride and groom. They didn’t have to know the couple.  Any wedding would do.

Anyway I was in a sort of take-it-or-leave-it mood until today, that is, when one of my friends at work admitted she is really excited. Her enthusiasm was infectious and by the time I had chatted to her for half an hour or so I was really up for it too.

A few of us started talking about our own weddings and got rather carried away with ourselves, promising to take in photos next week.

It’s astonishing that this wedding is going to be watched on TV all around the world.  I’m amazed that this little country of ours can excite such interest from all corners.  If it was the King of Sweden’s daughter or the King of Spain’s son would there be such interest?  What is it about The United Kingdom?  Mind you we do pomp and ceremony very well.

There are thousands of folk camping out in London already and although I wouldn’t do such a thing myself I can still appreciate the joy of the people who are there and understand their motivation. They want to say I was there and so many happy people can only be a good thing.

I won’t be glued to the box but I’ll be interested to see the guests arrive and I do want to see Kate’s dress.  I think it will be simple but elegant.

Oh and a work mate has a prediction.  She thinks the Queen will abdicate next year and Charles will give up the succession in favour of William.  So by the end of 2012 it will be King William V and Kate will be queen consort.