You know I’ve rather let this blog slide over the past few months.  I intended it to be a diary about writing my novel but writing about writing turned out to be something I couldn’t keep up.

My time, I thought, would be better employed writing the novel itself.  Oh dear oh dear I’m struggling with the book at the moment, but as every budding author knows, you have to keep practicing the writing.  So whilst my novel languishes in the back of my mind my blog will be my daily exercise.

My life isn’t at all exciting.  To be fair I don’t seek out thrills as a rule so whether I will have anything of interest to say is debatable.  I’ll just go with anything that takes my fancy and hope to drag you along for the ride.

Today was my first day back at work after a week off.  A week spent in glorious weather sprucing up the garden.  My husband, Mike, was on leave too.  We power washed the patio, weeded all the beds and oiled the garden furniture.

Here in the UK, despite living in a country notorious for it’s changeable weather, we are relentlessly optimistic.  We always think we are going to have a fabulous summer and at the first sign of a bit of sun we are lulled into a false sense of security assuming the great weather is going to last until September.

To this end our garden has been tidied in readiness for our annual curry day next weekend.  Of course it will probably pour down with rain and we will all be crammed into our little house stinking the place out with chicken Korma.

So Prudence and Percy the pigeons are eating us out of house and home again this evening.  We have a rickety little bird table doing it’s best to hog centre stage in our back garden.  It came flat packed and according to the box was a doddle to put together.  Not so – it has several dangerously protruding nails which we couldn’t knock in no matter hard we tried, it stands at a jaunty angle and wobbles when Prudence and Percy come in to land.

If you saw P&P you would see why – they are quite chunky birds and judging by the amount of seed they eat neither are on a diet.  I know nothing about birds so actually Prudence and Percy could be Patrick and Percy or Penelope and Prudence but as they usually arrive together I assume they are an item.

The oven timer has just pinged to tell me my chicken portions are done so off to get chicken salad for tea and slump in front of the TV until bed time.