So apparently every classic plot needs to pass through eight phases.

  1. Statis
  2. Trigger
  3. The Quest
  4. Surprise
  5. Critical choice
  6. Climax
  7. Reversal
  8. Resolution 

I had an idea for a plot early on but it only really had a vague sort of middle and an end! 

My basic idea involves a bit of a mystery and a love story – the middle of the book.  I have the last few paragraphs in my head and know exactly how the book will end.  I have my character’s back story from as long ago as her childhood but I wasn’t sure where to start my narative.

Eventually I decided that my main story would cover a period of only about two years and I knew I would start in the present.  

I have now written four chapters during which I am trying to establish the statis.  If this is a picture of where my character is today, I need to describe both her current life and events in her past.

I also have a trigger of sorts although I am not sure if this is strong enough.  

I think I have a climax, reversal and resolution but getting from beginning to end and making it interesting for the reader is my current challenge.

Who is the man in the park?