For the last two weeks I have been spreading my creative juices a little thin (is it possible to spread juices?)

I’ve done no work on my novel and this blog has been sadly neglected.

In my other blog world, my fellow Springsteen fans and I, are getting a little overexcited at the prospect of an impending CD/DVD release.   This has taken up most of my energies and probably will continue to do so for a while.

I suppose, though, if  inspiration strikes I will need to sit down for an hour or two and work on the novel.  If truth be told I have come to a bit of a sticky patch.  I am not sure how to move my heroine along. I am struggling to pull her through her day to day life when nothing much happens.  

I am sure, if I took time to sit in front of chapter 5, I would come up with something workable so… it’s not writer’s block so much as writer’s hiatus.

In the mean time, at least I am still thinking about it.

Who is the man in the park?