So I am walking through Leeds in my lunch hour and suddenly I have the setting for my novel –  Park Square.  I have always loved this little corner of Leeds.  It’s a public park surrounded on three sides by Georgian houses.  On the fourth side there is St Paul’s House ( a Victorian factory which is now offices) and an office block built in the 1930’s.

The park sits a stones throw away from the law courts so most of the houses were given over to solicitors chambers long ago.  I’ve always had a hankering to see it revert back to a residential neighbourhood.

With a bit of artistic licence I have taken the park and given it residential properties on all four sides – some houses, some apartments and some with commercial premises on the ground floor and flats above.  I then picked the whole lot up and moved it to my fictional town.

Once I had the setting in my mind I started putting characters into the properties and whilst I still didn’t have a credible plot line I knew I wanted to tell a story about these people.

I liked the idea of a public park because as well as the residents I could add any number of additional characters to the book simply by having them walk through or sit in the park.


Who is the man in the park?