Did anyone actually say that everyone has a book in them? 

If you Google the phrase you get an interesting assortment of sites.  I haven’t found the author of the quote (I suspect there isn’t one) but did find several sites asserting that it’s not true. 

I didn’t think it was true either.  Certainly I had no idea for my own book and couldn’t envisage ever having the imagination to plot one of my beloved crime novels.

As for blogging – I didn’t get it!  Before I really took any interest I imagined bloggers wrote about their daily lives – a sort of on-line diary.  I didn’t know why I would be interested in the minutiae of someone elses daily drudge or indeed why anyone would want to read about me.

Slowly I came to realise that most blogs are about poeple’s passions rather than about themselves – so my blog about Bruce Springsteen was born. http://idratherbeataspringsteengig.blogspot.com/

Readers of the blog are mostly friends and family but I have  three or four followers who have found me by chance.  Naturally it’s the subject matter that attracts readers but I have had many encouraging comments about my writing style.

During a visit to Ian and Irene’s in the spring, Irene (who is the sort of person who believes you have to give it a go) thought I should graduate to writing a book and so …

…the seed was sown.

On the drive back home I had my first surname  – Tuxford – which is actually the name of a town on our route.  Amelia Tuxford was born – a small woman with a big heart and breasts to match!

At this stage I had no plot, no setting, no nothing but Mike and I were thinking up characters  all the way home – I guess I was hooked.

As it turns out Amelia is not in my novel – not yet anyway.


Who is the man in the park?