I am a reference book junkie.  If ever I want to know something I buy a book.  I have a whole bookcase full of crafting books and a box under the spare bed brimming with advice on how to paint watercolours along with the paper, brushes and paints to do said painting.  To keep our three guitars company I own several how to play manuals.  Our conservatory houses a pile of tomes giving advice on gardening, together with a full set of magazines, which came out weekly for about a year and ended up costing well over £100.

It wasn’t surprising then, that when I decided I might try to write a book, I bought a book telling me how to write a bookWrite a novel and get it published by Nigel Watts .  This has been a constant companion during the last few months.  I have dipped in and out rather than working through from cover to cover and I have found the advice both illuminating and helpful.  

There is limitless information on the internet to trawl through: too much really and you have to wade through a lot of useless stuff to get to anything good.  Over the weeks I will have a look at some of the sites and let you know what I find useful.

To start off I really like the advice on Writers WorkshopThe link is in the blogroll. Their advice on developing characters has been invaluable to me.


Who is the man in the park?