Are you a Writer?

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So here’s a poser for you. 

When can you call yourself a writer?

I am the author of this piece of prose that you are now reading so does that make me a writer? 

In Write a Novel and get it Published Nigel Watts describes a succesful novelist as one who has finished a project that is recognizably a novel.  In saying this he is acknowledging that to write over 50,000 words and arrange them into a cohesive whole that has a beginning middle and end is,in itself, an achievement.  

On the other hand Jennifer Weiner says ‘If a writer writes poems and short stories and novels, but nobody ever reads them, is she really a writer? Nope…You’ve got to put your stuff out there for the world to see, and fall in love with, or revile. In short, you’ve got to get published.’

So this is out there for you to see.

Am I a writer? – possibly. 

Am I a novelist? – most definitely not… but I hope to be one day.


Who is the man in the park?

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I am a reference book junkie.  If ever I want to know something I buy a book.  I have a whole bookcase full of crafting books and a box under the spare bed brimming with advice on how to paint watercolours along with the paper, brushes and paints to do said painting.  To keep our three guitars company I own several how to play manuals.  Our conservatory houses a pile of tomes giving advice on gardening, together with a full set of magazines, which came out weekly for about a year and ended up costing well over £100.

It wasn’t surprising then, that when I decided I might try to write a book, I bought a book telling me how to write a bookWrite a novel and get it published by Nigel Watts .  This has been a constant companion during the last few months.  I have dipped in and out rather than working through from cover to cover and I have found the advice both illuminating and helpful.  

There is limitless information on the internet to trawl through: too much really and you have to wade through a lot of useless stuff to get to anything good.  Over the weeks I will have a look at some of the sites and let you know what I find useful.

To start off I really like the advice on Writers WorkshopThe link is in the blogroll. Their advice on developing characters has been invaluable to me.


Who is the man in the park?


Hello world!

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So ‘Hello World’ indeed!

Eight months or so ago I had no notion of writing a blog let alone a novel and here I am with a blog already 33 weeks in (I’d rather be at a Springsteen gig -see the blogroll) , three chapters of a novel and this new blog as of today. 

I’m not sure what I am going to write about but whatever it is I hope to make it interesting.

I will certainly touch on the trials and tribulations of writing my novel.  Mike tells me I am very good at getting to the periphery of an issue.

Well this must be the height of procrastination – writing about writing a novel.  What I really should be doing is getting on and writing the book itself!  … So chapter four hear I come.

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